pure-dma structurePure-DMA is a DMA (direct market access) service that Amenda advocates. By using Pure-DMA, our clients get to enjoy a more equitable and highly transparent trading environment. In addition, Pure-DMA relays all client orders to the respective exchanges of Tier 1 banks, non-banks, ECNs, and MTFs. It also makes it possible to provide deep liquidity and tight spreads by aggregating the liquidity of multiple financial institutions.

Liquidity Providers and Venue/ECNs

Barclays, BNP Paribas, BTM, Citadel Securities, Citibank, Commerzbank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, GTS Securities, HSBC, JP Morgan, Jump Trading, Morgan Stanley, Nomura, RBS, Solid Invest, Standard Chartered, State Street, UBS, Virtu Financial, XTX Markets, Currenex, Fastmatch, Hotspot, LMAX, Gain GTX, FX All, EBS, Reuters Spot Matching

Eliminating Conflict of Interest with Clients

Pure-DMA is founded on the management philosophy of "maximizing client profits." Therefore, Amenda does not engage in any market-making (broker profiting from client losses) to avoid conflict of interest with clients. Growing our clients' assets not only benefits Amenda, but is also our goal.

Providing Negative Spreads

Negative spreadsWith Pure-DMA, we offer the best prices by aggregating the market prices provided by multiple liquidity providers (LP). Many brokerage firms mark up market prices to quote higher prices to their clients, but at Amenda, we do not intervene in prices or spreads in any way. In addition, as part of our philosophy to "maximize client profits," we also provide negative spreads that occur in the aggregation of market prices.

Sergejs Orlovs
I previously worked as the Latvian representative for Admiral Markets and also worked at Finasta bank for five years in the forex field. As someone with extensive knowledge of the forex business, I can only say that Amenda's service quality in addition to service cost and conditions are without a flaw. I'm really satisfied with Amenda's services. I feel at ease trading with their true DMA and excellent support. I can recommend them with confidence.

Metatrader4 execution on negative spread

MT4 is a trading system that is used at most financial institutions around the world. Amenda has also adopted MT4, but MT4 lacks the capability to display negative spreads, which are instead displayed as 0s. When negative spreads occur, the indicated price on MT4 and the market price may vary, but since the market price takes precedence, the order is placed at the more favorable price than the one indicated on MT4.

How to check Market price and Negative spread

Negative spreads and market prices can be viewed on the Live DMA Pricing from the home page of our website. Since the update frequency of the Live DMA Pricing is limited, there is a delay from the price updates on MT4. We do not recommend referencing the Live DMA Pricing on the home page when trading.