“Limited market liquidity issue should be addressed as well”, Amenda Markets board member Arturs Miezis comments on a new government assistance program for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for listing bonds and equities in Nasdaq Riga market.
Remember, a calm sea never made a skilled sailor! We are happy to support Gulf or Riga Regatta 2019. This event will be part of Latvian Offshore Sailing championship 2019, Livonia Cup Challenge and will take place from June 25 till June 29. Five stages of the course will take racers from Roja to Kuivizi
“Bond issuance will continue to be at the forefront” Amenda Markets board member Arturs Miezis comments on Nasdaq Baltic market events in 2018 and what’s expected this year in the business newspaper “Dienas Bizness”
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Comment of Amenda Markets board member Arturs Miezis on Nasdaq First North listed AS Madara Cosmetics turn of events one year after IPO in the business newspaper “Dienas Bizness” http://www.db.lv/zinas/eksperts-madara-cosmetics-jaturpina-stradat-tiesa-veida-ar-potencialajiem-iegulditajiem-481525
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Amenda Markets board member Arturs Miezis comments on Nasdaq Riga listed JSC Olainfarm stock price drop and potential development in business newspaper “Dienas Bizness”. http://www.db.lv/zinas/labakais-uz-ko-olainfarm-mazakumakcionari-var-ceret-netiks-veiktas-radikalas-izmainas-valde-un-strategija-478970
Board Member Alise Eljašāne in connection to upcoming Baltic VC Summit 2018 comments on AIF regulation in Baltics and possible improvements in business newspaper “Dienas Bizness”.
We kindly invite you to Baltic VC Summit 2018 a leading industry event in Baltics whereas one of speakers will be Amenda Markets board member Alise Eljasane with a presentation on PE/VC fund regulatory framework. http://balticvcsummit2018.lvca.lv/
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Board member Alise Eljašāne comments on ongoing process of ABLV bank liquidation: http://www.db.lv/zinas/ablv-netiks-izlaupita-476112
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When “better late than never” does not work – Board Member Alise Eljasane jointly with other specialists touches upon peer to peer lending platform legislation delay. http://www.db.lv/zinas/latvija-savstarpejo-aizdevumu-platformam-klust-nepievilciga-475680
We kindly invite you to the training course “Financial Instruments and Investment Services in Line with the Requirements of the MiFID II”, where Member of the Board of Amenda Markets Alise Eljašāne will be among the lecturers. The training course will be useful both for the individuals engaged in the provision of investment services and