Managed Account

At Amenda, we provide solutions for money managers and clients (investors) to manage their funds efficiently. Investors can entrust their investment to a money manager in a simple and secure way.

Benefits to Money Managers

Money managers can manage client funds in a way that is more comprehensive and low-cost compared to investment fund schemes. Reporting and client management can all be done on the Web. We provide an environment in which money managers can focus on investment management.

  • All management tools are available for free.
  • Reports for investors are generated automatically.
  • Reports for money managers are automatically generated.
  • Contingent commissions can be set based on investment amount.
  • Commissions are automatically collected and adjusted by the system every day.
  • Investment performance can be viewed on charts.
  • Questions, answers, and announcements can be posted on an open forum.
  • There is no worry of getting clients taken by other money managers.

Benefits to Investors

Investors can entrust investment management to money managers anytime from the My Page screen. Even beginners can entrust investment management without the concern of market conditions.

  • Investors can feel safe, because they will only be authorizing the control of trades.
  • Investors can set stop losses at any time.
  • Management commissions are automatically adjusted by the system.
  • Participation and closeout are processed painlessly.
  • Analysis of investment performance available.
  • Entrusting management to multiple strategies from a single account.
  • Investors can ask questions to money managers.

Quick FAQs for Money Manager

Quick FAQs for Investor


Without any exceptions, Amenda does not participate in any way in trading decisions made by external money managers and makes no representations, warranties and assumes no obligations with regard to any external money manager's trading strategy and/or performance.