-1.5 pips

Ultra-Tight Spreads

0.05 secs

Fast Execution


Low Trading Fees

Reasons Why You Can Trade on Low Cost

Ultra-Tight Spreads

At Amenda, we provide superior interbank rates from multiple liquidity providers, and there are absolutely no price manipulations.

  • Negative spreads available
  • EURUSD average: 0.1 pips
  • 100% market spreads (no markups)
  • We top our competition with some of the world's best spreads.

Low Trading Fees

At Amenda, we offer a highly transparent and competitive fee structure in order to meet the standards of the trading environment for professional traders.

  • 0.0037% (USD 3.70 / USD 100,000)
  • Enhanced preferential fee plans available for active traders

Deep Liquidity

This is an important factor for orders over 5 lots as it may affect the average price. Deeper liquidity produces tighter spreads.

  • 20+ Tier 1 Banks
  • Multiple main ECNs and MTFs
  • Multiple non-banks
  • Deep liquidity secured during market events

Trusted Forex Broker { Honesty / Availability / Safety }

Conflict of Interest Eliminated

At Amenda, we do not partake in market-making to avoid interfering with client interests. We offer a trading environment that maximizes client profits.

  • 100% Agency Model (STP/DMA/ECN/NDD)
  • Solid contract execution
  • Best price execution model
  • No restrictions on orders
  • No EA use restrictions

High System Availability

At Amenda, we utilize advanced technology and provide redundancy on every level so that our clients can enjoy stable and uninterrupted trading under any circumstances.

  • Redundancy for ISPs
  • Redundancy for hardware
  • Redundancy for network equipment
  • Redundancy for data centers
  • Redundancy for client support

License and Fund Protection Scheme

At Amenda, we protect our investors and their funds in every way and are subject to monitoring by a third party organization. Amenda places priority on safety first.

  • Licensed by FCMC
  • Management in line with the strict regulations of MiFID2
  • Completely segregated accounts
  • External auditing by trusted auditors
  • Up to EUR 20,000 guaranteed by law
  • Negative balance protection

Testimonials from Financial Experts

Rihards Strenga
Rihards StrengaChairman of Credit Union Association of Latvia
There are many factors that impact the safety of my funds when making a deposit, from fund protection schemes and regulations to the monitoring system in place and the quality of the management team, but with Amenda, I would say that their management takes the safety of client assets seriously. In addition, they utilize a 100% agency model, so it is worth noting in my evaluation that they alleviate management risks while eliminating conflict of interest with clients. If trading forex with a peace of mind is what you're looking for as an investor, then Amenda is the forex broker for you.
Jānis Urtāns
Since I'm a legal expert who works at a major bank in Europe, I examined Amenda from the perspectives of regulation and safety. I can say that Amenda has all the licenses and permissions from the authorities of Latvia, EU, and EEA states and their forex services are safe and highly reliable. It is also worth noting that they comply with all the regulations to maintain these conditions. Amenda is definitely one of the viable choices if fund protection is essential to you.
Igors Petrovs
I have held COO and director positions at banks and investment funds of financial institutions, so I can easily assess the framework of business practices and services of financial institutions. When it comes to Amenda, I can see that they have an extremely disciplined compliance policy in place and that they have well established relationships with other financial institutions. These are aspects that are often neglected when evaluating forex brokers, but they're extremely critical characteristics for clients to examine, because they affect the safety of client assets held. Even the highest of service quality could have very little merit without the consistent provision of safety. Amenda's high safety standards for assets held is remarkable, considering the fact that it's also achieved some of the world's lowest trading costs as well as some of the most favorable trading conditions.
Kristaps Gintauts
I currently work as a compliance professional with Baltic International Bank, and I feel that Amenda offers impressively well-structured services along with asset protection of customers that is amazingly well thought out. I also trade forex personally and find that many brokers offer spreads that only appear tight and fees that only appear low to attract investors. In fact, many of these brokers intentionally widen spreads during volatile markets and manipulate executions to provide a trading environment that works against investors, but few investors catch on to this reality. Amenda is well received among expert traders because they managed to minimize trading costs by implementing a business structure that avoids conflict of interest even in areas that are often overlooked.
Māris Čeičs
Māris ČeičsSecurities accounting specialist at AS "ExpoBank"
I have been a trader working at a bank for many years and have deep knowledge of the services Amenda offers. It is important to me that they're not only licensed in the EU and their activities are under constant monitoring by market regulators, but also that client funds are under protection by an investor compensation scheme. I never imagined it would be possible for a forex broker to provide negative spreads. This is really surprising and only made possible by the fact that they are a genuine NDD broker. Amenda will undoubtedly benefit the P&L of any trader.
Sergejs Orlovs
I have previously worked as the Latvian representative for Admiral Markets and also worked at Finasta bank for five years in the forex field. As someone with extensive knowledge of the forex business, I can only say that Amenda's service quality in addition to service cost and conditions are without a flaw. I'm really satisfied with Amenda's services. I feel at ease trading with their true DMA and excellent support. I can recommend them with confidence.

Trading Platforms { MetaTrader 4 }

MT4 Agency model

MT4 for Personal Computer

MT4 provided by Amenda executes trades by STP/DMA, which realizes stable and fast execution. The trading environment satisfies money managers as well as traders and scalpers who execute block trades.

  • Interactive charts
  • 9 timeframes
  • 33 analytical objects
  • 30 technical indicators

MT4 for Smartphones & Tablets

Our clients can execute full-fledged STP/DMA trades on iOS- and Android-compatible smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere without missing a trading opportunity. Amenda makes MetaQuotes's genuine platform available to its clients.

  • Symbol charts
  • All order types and execution modes
  • 30 most popular technical indicators
  • 24 analytical objects