Introducing Partner

Introducing Partner is an opportunity to attract potential trading clients to Amenda by distribution of marketing materials created by Amenda. A partner who holds an Introducing Partner contract with Amenda is referred to as an Introducing Partner.

Introducing Partners receive a part of the trading commission from trades carried out by clients they attract to Amenda by distributing marketing materials of Amenda for as long as their attracted clients trade with Amenda. This opportunity is available to anyone who is interested in generating a continuous stream of income with Amenda.

Service Environment for Active Trading

Just like our Introducing Partners, Amenda’s source of revenue is trading commissions; therefore, our service is built on maximizing trading commissions (trading volume/day). This means our service structure also maximizes Introducing Partner commissions.

When trading the foreign exchange market, there are times during the day when volatility is low and it can be difficult to cover trading costs. Amenda offers low trading commissions to ensure more trading opportunities under such market conditions. When it comes to FX trading, the lower the trading cost is, the higher the trading volume becomes.

Introducing Partner commissions and Amenda’s revenue source are both linked to trading volume rather than margins. No matter how high the Introducing Partner commission may be, if trading cost remains high, it can slow down the growth of client assets and trading frequency, which can eventually lead to Introducing Partners no longer generating commissions from their attracted clients. Our top priority is maximizing client profits, which contributes to generating Introducing Partner commissions efficiently and continuously.

Introducing Partner Types

Amenda offers two types of Introducing Partner programs to choose from depending on the Introducing Partner’s business style. The Standard Introducing Partner comes with no restrictions on activities of distribution of our marketing materials, while the Exclusive Introducing Partner is Amenda’s exclusive  program.

Standard Introducing Partner

This program allows Introducing Partners to distribute marketing materials of other brokers as well. There are no restrictions on Introducing Partner activities.

Exclusive Introducing Partner

This is the program for those interested in distributing marketing materials only of Amenda. Comparison sites are permitted under certain conditions. Please contact us.