We would like to announce changes to our minimum initial deposit amounts. Please be informed that individual and corporate accounts of those who do not reside in Latvia will be affected by the following changes, and these changes will only affect those who apply for an account on or after 18 February 2017: Individual account

Amenda Markets office relocation

Dear customers and business partners, we are proud to announce that AS IBS “Amenda Markets” have just moved to a new office location on 19th ofDecember 2016. Our new office address is ELIZABETES 63-24, 3RD FLOOR, RIGA, LV – 1050, LATVIA. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our new office!
Leverage: Maximum leverage 100:1 –> 80:1 Stop-out level: 100% –> 80% The conditions above will take effect on December 1, 2016. Please be careful if you have open positions. Personal accounts: USD/EUR/GBP 500 or JPY 50,000 Corporate accounts: USD/EUR/GBP 3,000 or JPY 300,000 We will establish a minimum initial deposit amount for corporate accounts. The