Who We Are

Amenda Markets AS IBS

OfficeAmenda Markets AS IBS is an independent investment broker and wealth management firm offering broker and asset management services as well as solutions for issues related to investments of private and corporate clients.

Through our exclusive single center established specifically to make our clients’ wishes come true by means of satisfying their business needs, we are confident that our in-depth understanding of issues that are essential to our clients as well as our expertise and knowledge can provide the highest level of bespoke personalized services.

CEO Message

Alise Eljašāne

Alise Eljasane, CEO

The added value of services provided by the Amenda Markets AS (Amenda) is to maximize customer interests. In order to achieve this, we have structured our business model so that customer interests lead to our interests. As one of our core principles to avoid possible conflict of interest, we do not engage in market making.

Amenda is proud to offer its agency model, the primary revenue source of which is trade commissions. This is how we direct our focus on our clients’ lifetime value.
We fundamentally believe that the key to extended account retention is continued growth in client assets, which serves as the driving force behind our mutual benefit. We spare no effort to maximize client potential, as we believe that our clients’ success should last forever.

We take client feedback very seriously and strive to improve our services at all times through client relations. It is truly our pleasure to be of service to you.

Alise Eljasane
Chief Executive Officer
Amenda Markets AS IBS